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Hi, my name is Gunther Sturgeon. I've created this website, How To Build A Barbecue BBQ Pit to help explain how to easily build your own barbecue pit in your backyard just by following these important steps. Back during the 1950's, bbq pits were extremely popular, and lately I've noticed the barbecue is making a real comeback! I will show you the best way to build your own pit and what materials to use at the lowest possible cost. I hope you enjoy visiting my site and please do send me photos of your finished product as soon as you're done building it! Best regards, Gunther

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Old Country Bbq Pits

The Old Country Bbq Pits are custom made by a special barbeque machine company located in Laredo, Texas. The Old Country Bbq Pits Company was established in 1955 and since then they have been making top of the line barbeque machines that are used by commercial venue and private enthusiasts from all over the world.

What makes the Old Country Bbq Pits Academy so unique?
The Old Country Bbq Pits company custom makes each Old Country Bbq Pits to order. That means when you choose Old Country Bbq Pits from the website, the company will start making the pits for you. They have over 18,000 square feet of space where they fold a single sheet to make a drum or custom Old Country Bbq Pit. This ensures that you get absolutely new Old Country Bbq Pits that are made only for you. You can add any type of cooking accessory or smoking accessory to the Old Country Bbq Pits at this stage and you do actually get custom made Old Country Bbq Pits. Once you have chosen the right smoker, Old Country Bbq Pits or accessories from the site, the company will build your particular firebox and then deliver it to your home in about 2 3 weeks. Other features that make Old Country Bbq Pits so useful include:

-Large expanded features that can hold accessory cooking options like grills, grates and wood bins.

-All welded steel construction of the heating and cooking box ensures that the seams are leak proof and safe.

-All models are provided in 16 and 20 sizes that are perfect for home use. You can custom build larger Old Country Bbq Pits if you want.

-Most other pit makers use pipe to make the BBQ pits and this is cheaper. However, the Old Country Bbq Pits Company prefers to use 1/4th inch thick stainless steel sheets to make the box and the box is provided with framed grates and stainless steel handles to prevent burns and injuries. It actually costs lesser than pipe but is more difficult to turn and shape into the required model. However, using stainless steel just ensures that your grill will last longer.

-All grills and smokers can be shipped to the destination about 3 weeks. This delay is due to the fact each machine is custom made according to a clients order.

Attractive prices are offered on all the Old Country Bbq Pits. This is because the company has such a high volume of business; they can afford to place the prices at a low rate. Apart from the affordable rates, they also hold regular clearance sales for their newer arrivals and charcoal models to ensure that every one can purchase a quality grill at an affordable rate.

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