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Hi, my name is Gunther Sturgeon. I've created this website, How To Build A Barbecue BBQ Pit to help explain how to easily build your own barbecue pit in your backyard just by following these important steps. Back during the 1950's, bbq pits were extremely popular, and lately I've noticed the barbecue is making a real comeback! I will show you the best way to build your own pit and what materials to use at the lowest possible cost. I hope you enjoy visiting my site and please do send me photos of your finished product as soon as you're done building it! Best regards, Gunther

Building A Backyard BBQ Pit

Having a mobile grille is a great way to cook food in your backyard. Most people like to purchase gas or electricity models that will prepare food quickly. However, puritans prefer to build their own backyard BBQ pit. Custom built backyard BBQ pits were popular during the early years as they used charcoal. These inbuilt backyard BBQ pit also imparted a really great taste and flavor to the meat. Barbequing enthusiasts have now gone back to the same trend.

Building your own backyard BBQ pit:
The process of building your own backyard BBQ pit is quite easy but only if you have a few technical skills. You can build a simple grill that can be completed in a week or you can adapt the basic barbeque pit pattern into a complex smoker. Once you have decided what type of backyard BBQ pit you want, you can search online to find custom plans for your backyard BBQ pit. Initially, we recommend that you stick to the backyard BBQ pit plan to have the perfect backyard grill. Most backyard BBQ pit patterns will be made from bricks, mortar and cinder blocks and they are really great. A few tips that will make your project go smoother include the following

Level the ground:
Be sure that the ground is leveled before you start digging the backyard BBQ pit. Use a shovel to level the area for the backyard BBQ pit. Dig a backyard BBQ pit that is at least two feet in depth. If required, add cement to the backyard BBQ pit and level it with a spirit level. If you dont put down this foundation there is a very good chance that the bricks and the walls of the backyard BBQ pit will crumble and shift about with age, water and heat.

Choose fire resistant materials Make sure that you use fire resistant materials while building your backyard BBQ pit. Use high temperature mortar, bricks and cement which will ensure that the backyard BBQ pit will not warp at high temperatures. Another benefit of fire resistant material is that the charcoal or the wood will be limited to the backyard BBQ pit and it will not spread or get out of control.

Check the level of the walls and the flooring often As you build up the bottom level of the backyard BBQ pit with gravel, mortar and cement; its a good idea to check the level with a spirit level. This will ensure that the sides and the walls are the same size. Having the walls the same height will reduce pressure on the walls and ensure even cooking.

Choosing the grill insert for the backyard BBQ pit Once you have leveled the walls and the floors of the backyard BBQ pit, you can set the grill on the top. We recommend ceramic grills or stainless steel versions which will not rust and which also ensure even cooking. A point to note though, stainless or metal backyard BBQ pit grills will have to be replaced in about a year.

We recommend that you follow custom plans while building your own backyard pits. Check the reviews of the plans before you download them for building your own pit.

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