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Hi, my name is Gunther Sturgeon. I've created this website, How To Build A Barbecue BBQ Pit to help explain how to easily build your own barbecue pit in your backyard just by following these important steps. Back during the 1950's, bbq pits were extremely popular, and lately I've noticed the barbecue is making a real comeback! I will show you the best way to build your own pit and what materials to use at the lowest possible cost. I hope you enjoy visiting my site and please do send me photos of your finished product as soon as you're done building it! Best regards, Gunther

Custom BBQ Pits

Custom BBQ pits are great if you have a lawn or a backyard. For people who know how to use brick and mortar, they can build their own custom BBQ pits for a small amount of money. To help you out, we’ve listed a few tips by which you can set up your own custom BBQ pits.

Find plans for custom BBQ pits
The internet is the best place to find detailed plans for custom BBQ pits. We recommend that you check online to find the perfect plans for your custom BBQ pits. You can choose from mobile custom BBQ pits that can be moved over your property to stationary brick custom BBQ pits that are completely stationary. Each has its own advantages and we have the pros and cons of each.

Mobile custom BBQ pits can be made by adapting large drums or stainless steel pans into grill pits. These pits are a great way to move about on your property. You can also buy the basic trays online and then create the stands and the grill trays for the custom BBQ pits on your own. Some companies also have large commercial custom BBQ pits that can be driven out to picnics and sporting venues. These are ideal for picnics for a large number of people.

Permanent custom BBQ pits are built by digging a pit into the ground. The ground is then lined with gravel and mortared into place. These pits are large enough to hold a whole pig but you can also find designs to make smaller pits that are combined with outdoor ovens. The actual design will depend on the plan that you have picked from the internet.

Choose the material of the custom BBQ pits
Most people will prefer to have above ground custom BBQ pits. In these pits, the fire may be started with gas, charcoal or wood. The meat is placed on a separate compartment above the heat. The custom BBQ pits may be build with stone, bricks, tiles, marble or custom bricks according to your personal choice. We recommend that you find a local building material that will suit your backyard. The material should be heat resistant and aesthetic as well. Stone and tile is particularly useful. Some people prefer to have in-ground custom BBQ pits. In these custom BBQ pits, a hole is dug into the ground and lined with brick, cinder blocks and gravel. The wood and charcoal is placed in the pit and the meat is roasted on top. We recommend above ground custom BBQ pits as they are much more convenient to clean and use.

If you want to build custom BBQ pits and you don’t have technical skills, we recommend that you find a professional who will build the custom BBQ pits for you. It may cost you about $1000 to about $1500 but it’s well worth the investment.

BBQ Smoker Plans

Are you planning on building your own custom smoker? Building your own smoker is quite easy and you will be able to find several different BBQ smoker plans online. This is particularly important if you are building a smoker for the first time. If you have technical skills, you should search for free BBQ smoker plans and then build the smoker yourself. A few places where you can find BBQ smoker plans are as follows-

We all know that YouTube is the best place to find literally anything. The website is filled with instructional videos that also have BBQ smoker plans that you can download. Make sure that you check the video completely though as there is a very good chance that the video may be incomplete and you will be redirected to a website to find the complete BBQ smoker plans.

Woodworking websites:
There are several reputable woodworking websites where you will be able to find BBQ smoker plans. We recommend you check reputable websites that carry step by step instructions on how to set up the BBQ smoker plans. You will be able to find websites that just have the BBQ smoker plans in the form of printable PDFs. These are great as well but you do need a little technical skill to be able to understand the BBQ smoker plans and then convert them into a tangible BBQ smoker.

Free BBQ smoker plans:
There are thousands of websites that have free BBQ smoker plans that are listed on them. We suggest you be a little careful about using free BBQ smoker plans as they are untested. We also suggest you check through personal blogs where users will upload their own BBQ smoker plans and then build their own BBQ smokers. Apart from these blogs, we also recommend that you check through user forums where you will be able to find senior members sharing their BBQ smoker plans with interested people.

Mechanic websites:
Websites like Popular Mechanics have special BBQ smoker plans that are uploaded by columnist. We recommend that you check such reputable websites as you will be able to find really great but reliable BBQ smoker plans that are great for personal use. If required, you can also ask an enthusiast to make custom BBQ smoker plans only for your needs. This can be done if you already have a container that you want to adapt in to a smoker. These BBQ smoker plans are a great way to utilize existing containers into a smoker.

If you dont know how to weld metal and ensure a clean finish, we recommend that you ask a professional to build the smoker for you. You can also choose the right pattern from online BBQ smoker plans and then ask a metal worker to build your custom BBQ from the BBQ smoker plans you have chosen.